Character Animation

Character Animation

At Big Paw Animation we offer character animation in a range of styles to suit your business or project. You may have an existing character in your branding that you wish to bring to life or maybe  you would like us to conceive a character from the magic of our paper and pencils. Big Paw animation can work with you on a range of character animation projects.

First step is to narrow down your target audience and market so we can have a ‘brainstorming’ session for suitable ideas and concepts. Once we have established the main aim of the character we can put pencil to paper and create concept designs. Typically we create 3 concept model sheets for each character.

Once we have an agreed design and signed off model sheet we can apply the style required. If its 2D we will get out our graphics tablet and artwork the character into a digital format ready to be animated. If you require a 3D character we need to model the character in 3D and rig them up for animation. (‘Rigging’ means adding in a skeleton, joints etc to make them move naturally)


What is a Character Model Sheet?

A Character Model Sheet or Character board is a visual representation of the character from 4 views and various angles, poses and gestures. This creates a standardization of the characters appearance and how it should look at various positions during animation. Notes can also be added to show how various parts should move.
Traditionally, the model sheets were for use internally between artists within animation studios and not for public view. However, at Big Paw we think they are an important visual aid for our clients to give feedback on.

Character model sheets and sketches are such an important part of the planning process.

If you are interested in character animation, see how the big guys at Pixar take on the character design process>>Pixar Character Design


3D Character animation

3D Character animation


3D Character animation


2D Character animation