3D Product Animation and Visualisations

At Big Paw Animation we can create an accurate 3D Product Animation of your product, process or machinery and animate it in a way that video can’t achieve. Ideally we create the 3D models from scaled drawing or blueprints to ensure we have technical accuracy. However,the product doesn’t even have to exist yet and may even be in the concept phase, that is not a problem to us…we have very good imaginations!

3D Product Animation is the ideal ways of reaching into a product or piece of equipment and demonstrating processes that are normally not visible. 3D Product Animation can also be used to show the installation of materials or equipment in a clear and concise way which would not be achievable by video alone. Motion tracked graphics and annotations can be added to the animation to create a sophisticated video ideal for your corporate website, promotional material and demonstrations.

3d-product-animation and modelling

  • Bacardi Ideal Backbar setup

    Bacardi Ideal Backbar setup

  • Piggy Bak Sack

    Piggy Bak Sack

  • Scientific Demonstration

    Scientific Demonstration

  • Premium Bar Outlet Layout

    Premium Bar Outlet Layout

lightbulbWhat is the first step to create a 3D Product Animation?

The first step in creating a 3D Product Animation is establishing the aim of the animation, whether its for promotion, conceptualizing or for educational purposes. Once the target audience has been established we will work on a storyboard to show the flow of the animation and a script for any narration that may be required.

Once the planning has been completed we can begin modelling the product/equipment in 3D space. Ideally we would need you to provide scaled drawings that were created during the design process, this ensures the 3D model is technically and proportionally accurate. Don’t hesitate if you are not able to supply these, we can create a 3D Product Animation a variety of High Quality photos from different angles