“A picture is worth a thousand words”

…There are typically 25 pictures in every single second of video so just imagine what an animated video can say about your business!

At Big Paw we specialise in all things animation… it is our labour of l♥ve ! When we talk about animation people often think that animation is confined to the big budget realms of Disney and Pixar. However, examples of animation can be seen in most aspects of our everyday lives…from the simple graphics on our smartphone apps to a large number of adverts shown in between our favourite tv programmes.


Animation can captivate us all through the use of humour, aesthetics, information or possibly just pure annoyance (Cue the meerkat!). With this in mind it is hard to dispute that animation is a powerful marketing tool and is an excellent way to communicate with your customers (old and new) about your product and services.

Not only is animation memorable it is very versatile and can add another dimension to all others form of digital media. At Big Paw we offer a wide range of animation styles from the illustrative to the technically accurate and we work with our clients from the conception of ideas though to the final production.