Animated Logos

Animation is not just limited to big budgets! Animation can be applied to lots of elements of your companies branding and one of the most cost effective ways of ‘sprucing up’ your branding is to have your logo animated as a Logo ‘Sting’ or ‘ident'(marketing terminology!) Big Paw Animation offers basic logo animation… or if you wanted something more striking then we can model your logo in 3D and add various effects and animation to create that ‘Wow’ at the beginning of your corporate video.

2D animated logos are a great addition to your video, whether it is promotional or factual.

3D animated logos will cost more than a 2D vector animated logo, however we will create a storyboard of how the animation will look for your review before we start animating.

Take a look at our Logo showreel for a few examples of animated logos


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